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April 29

The Royal Wedding

Day 5 - April 29 - The Royal Wedding
Decades earlier...

28,000 GBP

Cost of Kate's ring when it was bought for Diana

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Decades earlier...

blue sapphire diamond

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Months earlier...

Kate signs closed door pre-nup to protect the royal family's $450 million fortune

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Days earlier...

21 ways

to watch the Royal Wedding online

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Days earlier...

4 Apps to track the Royal Wedding

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Days earlier...


93,803 Followers on Twitter

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Days earlier...

Number of Pippa's Facebook Fans


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Livestream breaks records: 300,000 concurrent viewers and unique users totaling

at least 2 million

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23 Million

Americans tuned in for the Royal Wedding

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Kate steps out in

Alexander McQueen

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kisses on the Balcony

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The Kiss!

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Hours later...

The couple burned 8 miles per gallon
(of wine)...

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A day later...

6,819,072 People

commented on Facebook in the
first 24 hours after the wedding

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A day later...

Kate does her own makeup:

85% of AOLers think its beautiful 15% said too bold

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Days later...

William and Kate Check into a rumored

4,000 pound a night villa in Seychelles

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Weeks later...

200 Replicas

of Kate’s wedding ring sold each week at Marks and Spencer's in the UK

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Months later...

600,000 People

went to see Kate Middleton's dress at Buckingham Palace

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Months later...

A second royal wedding,

Zara Phillips marries
rugby player Mike Tindall

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